Cost of baby-proofing Will and Kate’s new home? Nearly ,000

Cost of baby-proofing Will and Kate's new home? Nearly ,000
It’s a mammoth task that many parents dread: baby-proofing the house to ensure that there’s no danger lurking around the corner. Think itБs easier for a royal? Well, it probably is a little, but Prince William and Kate are likely dealing with similar household anxieties as they prepare to become parents of two children under the age of two. While you probably won’t need to empty the bank to baby-proof your own home, baby safety expert David Drutz estimates it will cost the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge approximately ,800 to make their home in the English countryside child-friendly.
In anticipation of the royals’ move to Anmer Hall, Drutz drew up a mock floor plan of all the outlet plugs, pool fencing and soft furniture corners required to fully baby-proof the Norfolk, U. K. country house. БEven the future king and queen have to baby-proof, said Drutz, who owns and operates Kiddie Proofers. They donБt know everything.
Б The floor plan is slightly embellished, but drives home the point that baby-proofing is no easy task, whether you’re royalty or not. Often times, the arrival of a second child triggers more — or renewed — attention on baby-proofing and safety practices, Drutz says. One reason is that by the time a little sister or brother comes along, the first-born is walking, or is at least mobile in some form. БKids move, theyБre fast, Drutz said.
БAnd when the second child comes, one goes left, one goes right Б what do you do? Б The trick is being prepared without going overboard and bubble-wrapping everything in sight. When he shows the Anmer Hall estimate to clients, they scoff and say that the royals will have an army of staff to keep a watchful eye on their children. But Drutz urges even those parents with hired help to be vigilant with baby-proofing.
Drutz said even a baby safety expert such as himself can’t ensure zero harm. And naturally, children will get hurt in life. The idea is to minimize risk. I canБt stop a hand from getting slammed in the door, but I can stop the door from slamming at full force.
Changing family dynamics As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge become parents of two young children, a lot more than just door latches and car seats will change, says Claire Kilgour Hervey, owner of Toronto-based baby concierge service, Darling and Ninth. Most parents expecting a second child really have their hands full and need a gameplan, says Kilgour Hervey. Parents often become overwhelmed by the unforeseen complexities that come with having two in tow. In some ways, theyБre over-confident, Kilgour Hervey said.
TheyБve had a baby, they think they know what theyБre doing and in a lot of ways, they do. But really where the tricky part is, is juggling those competing schedules. Say ‘yes’ to help Echoing Drutz, Kilgour Hervey said the best thing parents can do is plan in advance, and also learn to accept offers of help. That could be from family or friends who can cook, babysit or run errands for you.
It’s difficult for women in particular, who these days are pre-programmed to try to do it all themselves, Kilgour Hervey says. Preparing big bro or sis He may be an heir to the throne, but Prince George may feel some jealousy when he sees all the attention being heaped on his baby sibling. That’s natural, but Kilgour Hervey says to minimize resentment, parents should prepare an older child for all the significant changes that come with a fourth family member. For instance, if they’re leaving the nursery, best to move them into a new room well before the arrival of baby no. 2.
Most importantly, parent have to understand that the family dynamic is going to change tremendously, Kilgour Hervey says. And the more that they can understand that in advance, the better off theyБre going to be. By the numbers: Royal baby-proofing 250 ft.