From Ancient Past to Critical Present to Near Future: Today’s Must-Reads

From Ancient Past to Critical Present to Near Future: Today's Must-Reads
The Monuments Men : Aaron Betsky takes on the, arguing against the seed-bank instinct to hoard these site- and culture-specific relics (in part or whole) despite the. Meanwhile, Alan Brake on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. But Who Criticizes the Critics? : Patrik Schumacher, outspoken director of ZHA, has posted a : БIconic architecture and the star-system are both creatures of the architectural critic. Б (For you TL;DR types, and have unpacked it a bit. ) Speaking of Б or Rather to Б Hadid : The latest interview isn’t as outright, but she on the occasion of her latest project with United Nude, Rem’s nephew’s shoe company.
БOur collaborations with other creative industries provide us with an opportunity to express our ideas through different scales and in many diverse media. Б L: Photo via ; R: “Current Table” via If Furniture Grew on Trees : For the past four years, British designer Gavin Munro has been trying his hand Б specifically, his green thumb Б at, and his efforts have finally come to fruition. Insofar as Mother-Nature-as-manufacturer marks the logical conclusion of biomimicry, the results look something like Nakashiman live-edge cross-bred with topiary ц la Thonet Б and, considering that each piece takes several years to into the custom molds that Munro has developed, the horticultural home furnishings may well command similar prices. Currently Trending : Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel has adapted her into a proper fenestration with a similar chevron pattern.
Thanks to technology that has been likened to chlorophyll, the ” ” harvests solar energy while letting sunlight pass through its elegant, insect-wing-like stained-glass panes. ( H/T Floor War Ignored : Situated in Zona Tortona Б where crowds will descend upon Fuorisalone festivities this week Б Milan’s Museo delle Culture (MUDEC) is on track for its April 26 opening, despite the. As of last week, architect David Chipperfield had disowned the project due to unsatisfactory floor tiles;. Can’t-Miss Appointments : Farshid Moussavi has been, one of 15 architects (and 80 Academicians total). And ICYMI, ‘s Kate Orff, of fame, come June; today also sees the appointment of as Provost of RISD (where he has been interim provost since January 2014).
L: Photo by Jelson25/Wikimedia, via ; R: Photo by Matthieu Gafsou for TIME A Bridge Too Far : OMA’s proposal for London’s Nine Elms to Pimlico bridge might have been a, but it seems that a plucky young congressman is serious about a to span Seattle’s Puget Sound. Of course, about the project. “The Volume of Nearly Nine Empire State Buildings” : That’s the amount of rock (140 million square feet) that the Swiss have excavated in order to build what will be, some 5,900 feet beneath the formidable “Gotthard Massif” (hold the puns). Scheduled to open next June, some 24 years since construction started, the -billion rail tunnel has its proverbial work cut out for it in terms of digging out of the EU’s economic quagmire. Holy Flipbook, Batman!
Scott Blake makes, because why not. Image at top: New Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece.