Tottenham’s team is a

In late January, Tottenham fans were salivating over the future of their club. Having thrashed and within a month, Spurs’ exciting young team was bound for a League Cup final and looked a chance of sneaking into the race for the Champions League positions. ‘s team is seventh, seemingly locked in a battle with for which side can have the worse end to their league campaign. Defeat in the League Cup final and Europa League round of 32 against punctured Tottenham’s ascent and they’ve been unable to regain any kind of momentum since. Despite falling away late in the each of their campaigns, there remains plenty of reason for optimism around White Hart Lane.
If nothing else, the new stadium project finally appears to be free of obstacles. Development began long ago but, the final holdout on the proposed site, construction can begin. Similarly, Spurs have a training ground that is the envy of clubs across the world. These two factors may provide a small amount of solace in the face of Arsenal’s late title challenge and ‘s return to the Champions League after just one season, but they are important. the best environment to develop his young side. lacks technical subtlety and the tactical flexibility to change a game.
Those concerns are valid but do not invalidate the Argentinian’s undoubted ability to improve his individual players. The likes of Ryan Mason, Harry Kane, Andros Townsend and Danny Rose are all far better players than they were 12 months ago. That group has an average age of around 23 and could form the core of Tottenham’s side for many years to come. Away from the current group, Tottenham have a host of exciting players out on loan.
Alli, among the youngest and most exciting, will finally join Spurs in the summer. could work wonders with a player of his skill and physical prowess. , long figured as not quite good enough for the Premier League, has shone in a prolific spell with, and he will certainly be given his chance in the summer. ‘s tutelage. His initial Premier League bow against was encouraging enough and his defensive positioning will surely benefit from the extra coaching. and Aaron Lennon are unlikely to return to Spurs when their respective loan spells with Hamburg and expire. Their sales will allow Tottenham’s new head of recruitment Paul Mitchell more funds to do business. Tottenham’s suddenly prolific academy, too, is seemingly heaving with talented youngsters and has a wealth of players to draw upon there.
Spurs will improve significantly over the summer. This will be the first full offseason for and Tottenham’s young side. The two brightest stars of his team, Kane and Christian, are highly unlikely to depart the club and will instead take on more senior roles in a team being built around them. Spurs have plenty of lesser players to cull. , and Emmanuel Adebayor could be just a few of the players to leave the club in the offseason.
Tottenham performed far beyond expectations at times this season. Between the tough start and limp ending to the season, they have ended up more or less where they were expected to be. Performances like those against Arsenal and Chelsea should be the benchmark for next season, while the turgid displays against and should simply be forgotten. Tottenham’s team is a work in progress, but there is no reason to believe that that progress won’t continue next season.
Instead, Spurs are far more likely to grow from an exciting young team to a consistently impressive one. At their best, Tottenham are a match for any team in England. Next season, their best will be a far more common occurrence.